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How to Boost Your SEO Through Consistent Contact Info

January 30, 2024

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Why care?Inaccurate info online will negatively impact your customer experience and your SEO. Fix it in 10 minutes.
Who should do this:All Businesses
Platform:All 3rd party review platforms
How?Read on…

Ensuring that you have consistent, accurate contact information across all website listings is important for several reasons, one of which being that it may directly impact SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings, (particularly for local queries).

Plus, it also contributes to a positive online presence and user experience, which indirectly influences SEO, and makes your business look legitimate online.

Here are 3 ways consistent contact information online can be beneficial to you:

Local SEO

Local businesses, in particular, massively benefit from consistent NAP+W (Name, Address, Phone Number, and Website) information. Search engines use this information to determine the relevance of a business to local search queries.

Consistency in these contact details across online directories, review websites, social media profiles, and your website helps search engines associate your business with a specific location, improving local SEO.

Online Visibility

Search engines use various online directories and data aggregators to gather information about businesses. They also cross-verify information across different platforms to ensure accuracy. Having consistent contact details across these platforms ensures that search engines can accurately associate the information with your business, plus confirm legitimacy, improving your online visibility.

Avoiding Duplicate Listings

Inconsistencies in contact information can lead to duplicate business listings on directories, which can confuse both search engines and users. 

Make sure that’s not happening to you by searching for duplicate listings and correcting your information.

Today’s task

Google your business and run through the list of every site your business information appears on (your own website, socials, review sites & online directories) Verify that your contact info is accurate & consistent across all sites. Fix any that aren’t up to date.

Do One Thing and increase your chances of getting found and recommended online. 

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