Personalized Private Training, Customized for Your Organization or Team

"I really appreciate that we were able to have a workshop just for our organization."

- Kerrie Marshall

Atlantic Home Building and Renovation Sector Council

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Strategic email marketing

Strategic email marketing

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Strategic Social Media marketing

Strategic Social Media marketing

Available Workshops


$1,800 for up to 6 people

$150 for each additional participant.
Includes travel between HRM, South Shore & Annapolis Valley. Additional fees will apply to locations beyond.

Includes customization of materials & examples given to fit your industry.

"I really appreciate that we were able to have a workshop just for our organization." — Kerrie M.

"Having the chance to really dig into our needs and create a plan specific to our use was extremely helpful"

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The best way to hash out a plan is to hop on a call and chat! 

In these 30 minutes, we will discuss your team's current pain points & your big goals. I want to know your definition of success and how we can bring that to life through an immersive experience for your team that will not only deliver new skills & learnings, but time to implement them into your daily routines so they deliver over the long run.

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I’ve always cared about people over profits, but when I was growing up, I thought it had to be one or the other. This caused me to play real small in life because I believed that having a service mindset meant that I had to trade in my personal aspirations of financial prosperity or personal success in order to contribute to the greater good. (Yes, really!)

Fast forward a couple decades (and a whole lot of therapy sessions), and I realize that it's through personal development, advocating for equity, and amassing wealth among the wholehearted, that we can actually create change in our world and shift the money and decision-making power into the hands of the people who will do more good!

This is why I’m dedicated to fueling the growth of creative, heart-driven brands to propel their businesses to new levels of success and influence, through helping them relay that person-to person experience of connecting with the maker, into the online sphere. 

If you’re a heart-driven brand looking to maximize your impact & profit through building authentic community in order to grow a thriving & sustainable business online, I’m here to be your guide. 

digital marketing strategist, online community expander & hype-woman extraordinaire

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digital marketing strategist

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