Helping you build an online community & make sales while you sleep without outsourcing, adspend, or losing your mind!

Solopreneurs & Micro-Teams:

Build a Thriving, Sustainable Online Business


Helping you build an online community & make sales while you sleep, without outsourcing, adspend, or losing your mind!


Build a Thriving, Sustainable
Online Business

You’re a passionate entrepreneur who wants to expand, but you're already wearing too many hats...

feel overwhelmed or stressed on a regular basis.

have too many to-dos, and not enough time.

are over throwing spaghetti at the wall.

feel isolated and unsupported.

Let me guess, right now you…

"Make your life easier and get Julie's help, your bank account will thank you later."

- Emily Lawrence

Recipe Developer & Food Photographer

Time to make memories with loved ones
Mental space to explore your creativity
Expand your reach & impact with ease
Build your financial freedom

Excellent! I’ve got a map, a well-trod path, and I always pack snacks! 

and that your dream of expanding your business online is not just possible, but sustainable too.

Start feeling like you're organized, and in control

How about this instead:

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I want to dedicate an afternoon to tackle and complete one piece of work that I’ve been wanting to get to forever, but can never find the time or motivation to do it by myself.


Best support!

I want to work directly with Julie to have her eyes and expertise on my business and help me to really move the needle!

1:1 Strategy Sessions

Work with Julie


I want to get a quick win by tackling a bite-sized piece of my marketing strategy, while also getting a sense of what it’s like working with Julie.

Mini Trainings


I want this

I want Julie to come to my business / organization and hold a private training, personalized for my team.

Private Trainings & Speaking Engagements

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I’ve always cared about people over profits, but when I was growing up, I thought it had to be one or the other. This caused me to play real small in life because I believed that having a service mindset meant that I had to trade in my personal aspirations of financial prosperity or personal success in order to contribute to the greater good. (Yes, really!)

Fast forward a couple decades (and a whole lot of therapy sessions), and I realize that it's through personal development, advocating for equity, and amassing wealth among the wholehearted, that we can actually create change in our world and shift the money and decision-making power into the hands of the people who will do more good!

digital marketing expert, online community expander & hype-woman extraordinaire

You found your hype-woman!

digital marketing strategist

Hey, I'm Julie!

I’m dedicated to fueling the growth of creative, heart-driven brands who are obsessed with authenticity, and who will do incredible things for their communities through the success and influence I help them grow.


The Do One Thing Business Builder

One 10-minute-or-less task delivered each week that is guaranteed to build your business over time. Take one step today toward a more prosperous business tomorrow.

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Do One Thing

"I needed help nailing down my messaging for my freelance services, and she helped me determine my ideal clients and how to effectively hook and reel them in through a new branding strategy. 

I'm so glad I didn't have to do this on my own and struggle to put together something lacklustre. Make your life easier and get her help, your bank account will thank you later."

"Make your life easier and get Julie's help, your bank account will thank you later."

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With my experience in marketing, and your expertise in your craft, it's gonna be fire!

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Learn more about my journey and my mission to change the world - one whole-hearted business at a time!


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