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How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

July 8, 2024

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Why care?Get 100% clarity on how much time you should spend on social media
Who should do this:All businesses
Platform:Social Platforms
How?Read on…

First off, social media requires more than just posting

In order for you to determine how many posts you should be creating each week, there’s a very important piece that you have to consider first:

Engagement time

Social media is called that because it’s social.

And that means you have to use this as a place to have conversations.

Whether you’re posting or not, plan to spend 15–30 minutes on the platform engaging with other accounts and replying to any comments or DMs that others have left for you. You should do this minimum every time you post.

(So, that’s ~30 minutes for each day you post.)

Next, consider how long it takes you to make a post.

If you’re new to posting, it could take you 1–2 hours to make a single post.

With practice, that number will go down.

Lastly, decide how much time you can dedicate to social each week

Take a look at your schedule. How much time can you realistically dedicate to social media? There’s no wrong answer here. Choose an amount of time that is right for you.

Then, let the math, math

Fill in this equation:

Maximum time available for social per week
​(The time it takes to complete one post + 30 minutes for engaging)

=The amount of posts you can realistically expect to make each week.


I need you to hear me when I tell you this:

You do not need to post every day on social media in order to make money using the platform. What you do need to do is post consistently.

If that means you can post 2 times per week, every single week, you will be better off doing that, then posting 3 times one week, 4 times another, and then disappear for a month.

Make sense?

Your number will be different from someone else’s number, and that’s ok. There is no magic number that equates to business success. 🫶

Today’s task

✅ Run the numbers for yourself and hit reply on this email to tell me what you get.

Do One Thing to set attainable posting expectations and feel joyful to check it off your list each week!​

Bonus thoughts:

  1. If you end up with time leftover (let’s say you get an answer like 3.4 posts) then you take the leftover time and use that to show up on days when you’re not posting, just to engage with other people.

    You get what you give, and showing love to other people’s work means you will receive the same in return.
  2. This time does not include creating Stories. You could use your extra time for that, or choose to reduce your posting schedule by 1 post each week to give you more time to show up and engage/post Stories.
  3. You can choose to increase your post capacity if you decide to dedicate more time to social media each week OR you get faster at post creation (which comes with practice.)